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It is a common practice within the massage therapy profession to use extremely deep pressure during massage sessions. While many clients seek out this form of massage, there are just as many cases of clients being hurt from this kind of therapy.

There are many different philosophies and studies on what massage depth does in the body. There are also many theories on what appropriate massage pressure is.

Quite consistently, the core problem in situations where clients are hurt by massage is the belief that the more painful the pressure the more effective the session. Another reason for injury occurrence in massage is due to lack of sensitivity to a client’s needs. Lack of sensitivity is often directly linked to abuse of the power differential role in the therapeutic relationship.

This 3hr class analyzes the problem of too much pressure in the massage industry. It discusses how clients are being misled to think that painful massage is the only effective massage. Students will revisit the dynamics of the power differential and how if used the wrong way can be harmful to their clients. Students will discuss the history of this problem and how it affects their business. Group exercise will focus on coming up with practical solutions to address these problems in everyday massage practice. 


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