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Effective Strategies for the Neck & Shoulder - 14 CE
Effective Strategies for the Neck & Shoulder - 16 CE
This covers easy effective strategies for the most common causes of neck and shoulder pain. We'll cover antagonistic muscle systems, trigger points that cause proprioceptive issues, and get into Vladimir Janda's Upper Crossed Syndrome, which is necessary for effective treatment of Forward Head Position. Also covered is basic palpation and assessment of frozen shoulder and rotator cuff damage. If you are taking this class, I will assume that you already have foundational trigger point knowledge, and that you know your upper body anatomy. Reciprocal Inhibition for pain relief and neuro-muscular re-education is used extensively. I advise reviewing the relevant anatomy before class.
March 3,4  2017  $300
June 23,24 2017 $300
  At Monroe Aquatic Center
Carmen Lazenby to register, 704-221-5872 or e-mail
The Aquatic Center is a bit south of Charlotte. It's a big facility, and everyone who attends can make use of the facility, free. Lots of food close by, and the Best Western across the street that makes it very convenient for students who wants to stay overnight. I strongly advise you to bring a rolling stool, stationary chairs are a real pain for this sort of work. Clothing for women: Camisole style top with a shelf bra is your friend. Really strong sports bras are hard to work around. For bottoms, something comfortable. You will need sheets, a bolster, and whatever cream you prefer. This class is pretty technical, brushing up on your anatomy is a good idea.
Please let me know if you are able to bring a table? Class minimum 6, maximum, 16.
Class starts at 8am sharp! Lunch is on your own from 12pm - 1:00pm. We're done at 5:00pm.
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